Welcome to the official website for the Kavanna Jade Trust. Kavanna has been sick since birth.
She has been diagnosed with Chronic Suppurative Lung Disease and Chronic Obstructive Asthma. On this website, we are asking you to help support Kavanna’s daily battle with sickness.

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Kavanna Jade

Kavanna Jade Trust donate here
Kavanna Jade Trust donate here

Donate to help fund Kavanna’s medication for a better future all! We have set up a page especially for Kavanna Jade and hope you will all share in her journey of living with life-threatening chronic suppurative lung disease and obstructive asthma and support us in our fundraising along the way.

All donations can be made into
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Contact Carolyn at: 021 2645706 or 09 3726020

Kavanna Jade

Kavanna Jade sharing the story

At five weeks Kavanna had her first visit to Starship Hospital with what ended up being Bronchiolitis. Oral Steroids were used to manage it and this was the beginning of Kavanna’s on/off love/hate relationship with medication. Unfortunately, steroids only provide her with short-term relief and have not aided in a full recovery.

At six months she was admitted with a wheeze and severe respiratory distress and tested positive for a Respiratory synclinal virus (RSV). At two and a half, she was diagnosed with Asthma by an Asthma specialist. A seizure and turning blue at three and a half saw them being referred from Emergency to the Respiratory team.

After further investigations, Kavanna was diagnosed with Chronic Suppurative Lung Disease and Chronic Obstructive Asthma. Over the past ten years and constant exposure to using medications long-term Kavanna has acquired other medical conditions which send her to the hospital on a regular basis and the Respiratory, Ear Nose and Throat, Bones and Rheumatology Departments work hard to help manage these

Management of her condition is by daily medications and regular visits to her specialists at Starship Hospital. 

The regular lung function tests which measure how well her lungs work and how much oxygen she is getting generally come back poor. This results in starting oral steroids to try and stop the inflammation which can trigger an attack.

Late last year we were told that not only is she getting worse but that her body is rejecting the drugs she needs to help her condition and that the next ten years or less are going to be extremely hard on her and her body. It is possible that with the
the number of complications she is dealing with she could lose her fight with this condition.

Something positive that has come to light in the last month is that there is a new drug out there that could potentially slow her condition down and decrease the number of hospital admissions and exacerbations. Her specialist has said that the negative side to this new drug is that it is not funded even though it has been approved to be used in New Zealand. Kavanna would need to have fortnightly injections at a cost of approximately $3000 for the drug alone and that would not include nursing and day stay costs. It is estimated to cost a total of $48,000 a year.

Kavanna Jade Trust